Lake Elementaita & Soysambu Conservancy

Highlights: Elementaita & Soysambu

Lake Elementaita & Soysambu Conservancy
Lake Elementaita is an alkaline lake that lies between Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru on the Rift Valley oor. Lake Nakuru has been named the pink lake owing to over 2 million flamingos and pelicans that thrived on the algae and salt lake goodies. This is no longer the case owing to floods, pollution and other factors that caused mass migrations to other lakes, more especially Lake Elementaita. Regardless of this, Lake Elementaita is a paradise for bird lovers, offering more than 450 species, including migratory birds from Europe and other locations.

Lake Elementaita - A hidden gem


Between Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru lies another of Kenya’s alkaline lakes – Lake Elementaita. Set within the eastern portion of the Rift Valley, the lake was produced approximately 12 million years ago, and today much of the lake is part of the private Soysambu Conservancy. The area is much less visited than other natural attractions in the region, so you enjoy a sense of privacy and solitude in a wondrous volcanic landscape.

Much of your activity-enriched trip to Kenya’s Lake Elementaita takes place within the 48,000-acre conservancy that serves as a sanctuary for nationally threatened colobus monkeys, endangered Rothschild giraffes, elusive predators, plains game, avi-fauna and many other species. The varied terrain offers volcanic hills, acacia woodlands, grassy plains and stands of Warburgia fever trees and Euphorbia candelabra.

As you travel across the diverse landscape, there will be craters, lava flows, plugs and other remnants of the region’s rich volcanic history, as well as odd geometric patterns created by the process of erosion in the highly porous soil. Towards the southern end of the lake are the Kekopey hot springs, a location that is thought to be an ancient passage site involved in the yesteryear ivory and slave trades.

As part of the UNESCO Kenya Lake System World Heritage Site, Lake Elementaita is globally-recognized as a natural treasure to be preserved, protected and appreciated. Although the lake region has fewer mammalian species than other areas in East Africa, more than 15,000 animals roam the conservancy property. You may see Rothschild giraffes amongst the acacia trees removing tender leaves from branches while adeptly avoiding the treacherous thorns.

Many species of plains game are commonly sighted, and you may have a fortuitous experience of sighting steinboks, duikers, bush pigs, bushbucks and also other elusive fauna. Lake Elementaita is also home to the tufted-eared caracal, golden and striped jackals and other smaller predators.

Discover Elementaita & Soysambu

The Elementaita and Soysambu areas are much less visited than other natural attractions in the region, so you enjoy a sense of privacy and solitude in a wondrous volcanic landscape. We recommend this destination for those seeking a quiet relaxed and private time. Good for honeymooners, couples and families.

Sometimes we vary the itinerary to from a visit to Lake Nakuru National Park or from Naivasha's diverse attractions to a evening and dinner rest at Lake Elementaita Serena. The next day can be spend in quietness by the shores of the lake and a brief 2 hr exploration of Soysambu Conservancy. This is good to break from an extended drive and especially when venturing to the Southern Tourism circuit to Tsavo West & Chyulu Hills enroute to Amboseli, Tsavo East or Mombasa.

The activities that guests to Lake Elementaita engage in while at the lake or around to the lake include:-

Birding: This is the main activity at Lake Elementaita, the lake is hub of birds so visitors to the lake are excited to explore the different bird species that make their life on and around the lake. 

Bush dinning: Have a meal in the bushy plains around the lake, you can choose to have a picnic in the bushes or have a candle lit dinner as you view the lake waters glowing in the evening. 

Hot air balloon: Hop into the hot air balloon and roam over the beautiful Elementaita waters

Camping: Camp out under the sky in the bushy plains as you experience the lake’s weather and surrounding, listen to the bird sounds and if lucky see zebras pass by up-close. 

Nature Walks: Take walks through the woods and grasslands enjoy the different scenic views of the lake and the surroundings. You can also enjoy birding watching and view some animals as you walk. 

Game drives: Have game drives around the lake especially at the Soysambu conservancy. 

Kikopey Hot springs: explore the amazing hot – hot springs to experience their uniqueness and super heat

Quad biking 

Nearby parks; From Lake Elementaita you can also have a connecting safari to Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Naivasha or Hell’s gate National Park.

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